Municipal Assets and Buyout Offers

How We Evaluate Assets And Buyout Offers

Many municipalities and other public entities, such as parks; schools; housing authorities or public utilities, who maintain cell site or water tower leases, have been approached by companies who are interested in “buying out” their leases. These companies include Unison Site, Crown Castle, Wireless Capital Partners and American Tower.

Municipal Assets and Buyout Offers

For some, these offers represent a quick and potentially sizeable infusion of cash without a burden to taxpayers (or constituents). We understand that the capitalization of the cell phone tower or water tower cell site leases can be an attractive way to increase revenue, but we cannot recommend selling these leases blindly. Nor do we recommend that a municipality consider the sale of their wireless assets without considering ALL of the options.

“We will ensure that you get the maximum value for your wireless asset and make the best decision for your constituents – in the present and well into the future.”

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    Here’s What We Can Help With:

    Review of existing lease terms, including duration, and other clauses.

    Evaluation of the purchase offer in terms of present vs. future income potential. Other metrics will also be considered, such as risk of future termination vs. advantages of future collocation (adding of additional tenants).

    Explanation of the purchase process.

    Recommendations. We will inform you regarding other options that could yield between 35 – 50% more than what the above companies typically pay. If you decide to take the offer on the table, we will suggest favorable terms.

    Brokering the Deal. If you decide to sell, we will facilitate a confidential and closed bidding process where you set the bottom dollar amount.

    Identifying The Purpose

    We have vast experience with the complex requirements that public entities must meet when initiating a bidding project. Our consultations are typically offered on an hourly basis (however if you prefer, we can also work on commission). Please take a look at How We Price Our Services.

    We are happy to provide references from past public entity clients we’ve assisted – or you can browse our Testimonials page. At Steel in the Air, we take our corporate reputation seriously. Please contact us for any question at all regarding your wireless asset.

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