American Tower Lease Extensions

Cell tower lease sign for American TowerIf you are one of the thousands of property owners who have recently been contacted by American Tower Corporation to renegotiate or extend a cell tower lease, you undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. In 2019, American Tower has been aggressively trying those leases that are under their average lease term remaining of 28 years.  If your lease has less than 20 years remaining, don’t be surprised if American Tower contacts you and wants to extend their ground lease.

Once you’ve been contacted, American Tower may pressure you for an immediate response, attempting to force you into making an uninformed decision. They will offer an attractive signing bonus with minimal or no rent increase. That’s exactly why you need Steel in the Air – we have the experience and expertise necessary to help protect your best interests when negotiating an American Tower lease. We know how to review proposals from American Tower and have the data from 15 years of working with 3,500 landowners to know good ones from bad ones.
Be aware that American Tower’s ability to generate income is contingent upon having a legal entitlement to the ground underneath the cell tower, whether it is a lease agreement or a perpetual easement. Without the lease, their tower is worthless and they lose the income from their cellular tenants.