Not quite time to cut the cord.

AT&T is adding LTE to all their cell sites, even the rural ones.  This is part of their Project VIP- an effort to upgrade AT&T’s wireline network to an IP-based infrastructure and migrate some of its harder to reach copper customers to 4G LTE fixed wireless service.

AT&T offers fixed wireless service to its subs at $60/month for 20GB.   When considering that the average broadband home user uses 29GB a month (based upon usage data from broadband provider Sandvine), this seems pretty fair.  The problem is that the average cord cutter uses 212GB per month.

Accordingly, AT&T’s fixed wireless is only appropriate for those people who don’t have access to fiber, cable, or DSL service AND who don’t want to cut the cord.  Fortunately, these two groups probably overlap a decent amount.  However, as an alternative to cable, fiber, and DSL, it isn’t too attractive unless AT&T can significantly increase the GBs of data included.  AT&T does have DISH Network now though and will offer the bundle of fast LTE fixed broadband service and satellite TV.   However it looks like fixed wireless LTE service to the home has a ways to go before it is competitive in most urban and suburban areas.  For some really great statistics on data usage and technology, read the FCC report here:

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