The carrier (or tower company) has recently performed equipment upgrades on the cell tower. Should they be paying me more for these changes?

It depends. If they are asking for an expansion of their cell tower ground lease area, then probably. If they own the tower and the upgrades are done within the original, agreed-upon footprint, the typical lease does not require that they pay you additional compensation for upgrading their equipment. On rooftop cell site lease modifications, the issue is more complex, and depends upon the specific modifications and the specific lease language. We have assisted many property owners in figuring out whether they can ask for additional compensation and, if due, have helped them get it.

Please send us your lease and we will be happy to take a look, and tell you (at no cost) whether it is worth your time to pursue the matter. If you have forwarded your lease to other consultants and received the high-pressure sales pitch from them after doing so, don’t worry. That is not our style. We will tell you what we can do, what it will cost, and then follow up to make sure you don’t have any questions.

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