I am considering selling my lease, and the buyer has offered revenue sharing of future tenants. How likely is it that they will find other tenants?

Very unlikely. Lease buyout companies typically don’t have a single person on staff whose sole task is to market cell sites to wireless carriers. While they boast about how much revenue they have added to sites that they’ve purchased, 99% of this revenue would have been added whether the lease buyout company had bought the site or not. If you are selling because you want additional revenue from the carriers they promise to add to the site, DON’T. If you are selling because you want to sell your lease, go ahead and do so. However, please note that there are very few cases where it makes sense to actually give revenue sharing to the buyout company. You can get the same amount of money selling the leases without agreeing to revenue sharing as you would if you did agree to it.

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