How will the easement affect my property if I decide to sell the property?

It could have a fairly significant impact on the property or none at all. Any buyer of the property will be taking the property subject to the easement and, depending upon the location of the tower or cell site, may or may not care. If the tower is in a location that would impede future development (or redevelopment) of the property, the easement could have a severe impact on the willingness of a potential buyer to buy the property. Regardless of whether the tower is in a place where it won’t impact future development, it will definitely reduce the income on the property thereby reducing the price that the buyer will pay for the property. This typically doesn’t matter that much simply because the companies that buy these leases typically pay more for the lease than the buyer of the underlying property would pay for the additional income. For more information, please see our Cell Tower Lease Buyout Guide.

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