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Welcome to the first post on the Steel in the Air – Cell Tower Info blog.  I’m Ken Schmidt, the Founder. 

First off, let me start by telling you that if you are looking for news clippings about cell towers, Steel in the Air provides a newsletter that focuses on happenings within the cell tower industry that impact both developers and landowners. The newsletter comes out every Friday and can be subscribed to by emailing me at [email protected].

This blog is meant to be a subjective forum (we make no claims here to be unbiased, and I can assure you that I have very strong opinions on the subject matter).  In this blog, you will be privy to unsubstantiated rumors and theories. You will also be exposed to a unique perspective – I have been involved in the cell tower and wireless industry for over fifteen years – in a myriad of capacities.  The information and opinions you read here will likely be novel and provide you with a different perspective than you will see elsewhere on the web.  Enjoy and please take a moment to peruse our website: www.steelintheair.com. 


Ken Schmidt



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