Black Dot’s New Pitch to AT&T Cell Site Owners

According to a client of mine, Black Dot Wireless has a new pitch that they are trying on landowners with AT&T cell site leases. Most of these pitches, I don’t bother to post. Today’s pitch was so patently ludicrous that I felt it necessary to call them out on such a ridiculous statement (even worse than the balloons will take the place of cell tower pitch). Black Dot is now claiming that due to AT&T’s acquisition of a spectrum in the 700MHz auction, that AT&T will no longer need 9 out of 10 towers because AT&T’s towers will now have an effective radius of 50 MILES. These unneeded towers will be terminated within 2 years. Of course, the only way that the landowner could protect his lease was to reduce it WITHIN 5 DAYS.

There is truth to the fact that 700MHz spectrum is more efficient than either the 850MHz spectrum or the 1900MHz spectrum that AT&T currently uses. But to suggest that AT&T will terminate 9 out of 10 towers within 2 years is reckless at best.

Hopefully, Black Dot’s management and AT&T’s management aren’t privy to the fact that Black Dot’s agent are making such completely unfounded and reckless statements. If they are, shame on them. And if you are a landowner reading this- you might consider contacting your state attorney general and asking whether Black Dot can legally make such misleading statements.

Please note that Steel in the Air, Inc. is not affiliated with Black Dot Wireless or AT&T. If you have found this post while searching for Black Dot- please go to www. blackdotwireless .com. If you are looking for AT&T- please visit

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