Cell Tower Lease Rate Valuation Services

Steel in the Air has helped over 3,000 clients nationwide with cell tower lease negotiations, buyout offers and asset management. We provide cell tower lease valuation and brokerage services using comprehensive, timely data and in full consideration of all fixed and variable factors that might influence your cell tower lease value of your wireless lease. We are a reputable company with a proven track record of satisfied clients - and we plan on keeping it that way. For any type of wireless asset valuation - from proposed leases to lease expirations or buyouts, we are your trusted source.

Here's what we can do for you:

Review the Lease – We will conduct a thorough cell tower lease appraisal. The process begins when we evaluate the terms and language of the cell site lease, answer any questions you might have, and explain the real-world effects it will have on you in the short and long term.

Explain Industry Dynamics – We will analyze current market dynamics, specifically involving the company who has approached you, to determine how valuable your unique property is relative to other viable options. We will also assess the probability of future expansions to your lease and the likelihood that the lease will be extended past the original terms vs. the possible risk of termination due to mergers, acquisitions, FCC regulations and/or technological innovations.

Provide Fair Market Valuation – Using our proprietary cell tower lease rates database, we will determine what the fair market value of your lease is (and what the expected value will be in the future). We will recommend rent, escalation and revenue sharing (if applicable) amounts taking into consideration the net present value and future trends.

Recommend a Strategy – We will advise you on how to favorably position yourself, should you decide to sell. We can also assist you with and/or broker the transaction for you.

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How Cell Tower Lease Rates Are Determined

When a wireless carrier or tower company first approaches a landowner, they use a site acquisition agent to contact the landowner. The agent typically already has a starting lease rate in mind when they knock on the door to start negotiations. The cell tower lease rate they will propose is based upon a number of factors. The primary factor is what their experience tells them is the lease rate at which most landowners will agree. Most site acquisition agents have a significant amount of experience in the area where they are acquiring new cell tower sites. These lease specialists will know the average lease for a given area. They know what the carrier or tower company is willing to pay. The wireless carrier or tower company also provides suggestions on the appropriate starting offer lease rate. The site acquisition agent, if they are good at what they do, will have already reviewed the area and chosen the sites that best fit the objectives provided by the wireless carrier or tower company. They know whether your site will work under local zoning regulations, federal regulations, and whether the site is easy to construct or not. They will have done a competitive analysis of the area to determine whether multiple properties could work and meet the carrier's objectives. Unfortunately, they won't tell you what they found in their research.

Cell tower lease rates are tied to the availability of alternative options

Contrary to popular belief, lease rates aren't tied to population density. While they trend higher in urban areas, some urban areas command completely different lease rates even though they are similar in population. For instance, New York City has cell tower lease rates that are double what Houston landowners receive for similar sites. The explanation is that Houston's zoning laws are notoriously simple and as a result, it is far easier to find multiple sites that meet the carrier's need. As such, the carriers don't need to pay as much for a cell tower lease in Houston as they do in New York City, despite the fact that New York and Houston are both top 3 cities in terms of population. Cell tower lease rates, therefore, are really tied to the difficulty of finding suitable alternatives. If a wireless carrier can't find a spot that meets their needs, they will pay a higher lease rate for one that does. In general, there are established average rates for leases in cities all across the US. Steel in the Air has the great fortune in that as a company we have helped over 2200 landowners over the last seven years and have gathered their cell tower lease rate data and received data from thousands of inquiries to our website. (See cell site lease rate comparable data for more details on our data) While we believe any landowner can network and find a few friends/neighbors with a cell tower lease and ask them what they are getting paid, that doesn't mean that the small sample you have is representative of the fair market value of your site. Nor does it mean that you deserve to get the average cell tower lease rate for your site. Your site may be preferable to the wireless carriers, and they may be willing to pay more for it.

Factors that Influence Cell Tower Lease Rates and Cell Site Lease Valuation

In the event that there are numerous alternatives available to the carriers, there may not be much opportunity to negotiate up their initial offer. However, if your site is preferred as compared to the other sites or is the only option the carrier has, then let the negotiations begin. The site acquisition agents who are contacting you have the benefit of knowing all of their options. They have reviewed the following factors in selecting your property along with others in the area as potential candidates.

  1. Topography – Ground elevation is important, but that doesn't mean that if you have the highest hill in the county that you will get a better lease rate. The tower company can always build a taller tower on a lower property. But the taller the tower, the more expensive the tower, so an advantage in ground elevation may help your negotiating position.
  2. Difficulty of Zoning – Before a cell company can get a building permit to erect the tower, they typically must get a conditional use permit or special use permit to build the tower. Most municipalities have zoning codes that determine where a tower is allowed. Oftentimes, this means that one piece of property will work for the tower company while others in the area won't. In some cases, there is only one piece of property that will work for the carrier's coverage goals - and in that case, the owner deserves the best lease rate for their cell tower.
  3. Constructability – The site must be easy to access and have room for construction of the tower. The best situation is flat land with no tree cover whereas hilly land with tree cover makes tower development more expensive. A carrier will sometimes A carrier will sometimes offer a higher cell tower lease rate for a site that is easy to construct and may offer lower lease rates if the cost of construction is greater.
  4. Access to Power and Telephone Company Service – Virtually all towers need power and telephone service. The farther the distance to telephone and power, the higher the price tag to the tower developer.
  5. Proximity to other Cell Sites - Each wireless carrier develops their tower in conjunction with the other towers in the area. The towers are set up to "handoff" from one tower to the next as you talk on your cell phone and drive by them. The carriers have a specific "search ring" that they need to locate each tower within in order to overlap their towers for effective "handoff". While there may be a suitable property for a cell tower near your site, it might be in a direction they can't move without reducing the effectiveness of the proposed tower.

The Uniqueness Factor

Unless you understand clearly what options they have, you aren't on equal footing and you will either ask for too little and leave money on the table or negotiate yourself out of a lease by asking for too much. Until you know why they are selecting your property and whether they prefer it as compared to your neighboring property, you can't effectively negotiate the appropriate lease rate. That is where Steel in the Air, Inc. comes in as your trusted advisor. We can review the factors listed above, provide a complete cell site lease appraisal, and assess whether your site would cost more or less for the carrier to construct. From this, we can tell you what tower lease rates other landowners in similar situations received. We don't just tell you what other people in your area receive as a lease rate, we tell you why your site is better or worse and whether you should get the average lease rate or higher or lower. We can't guarantee that you will get a better lease as a result of using our services, but we can guarantee that you will know exactly why you accepted a particular lease rate so that you don't have to wonder for 25 years whether you left money on the table.

Other Financial Considerations Besides the Lease Rate

We also address other financial terms found in your cellular lease. What should you receive for escalation and how often? What is an appropriate option payment (even if they don't offer one)? Should you ask for revenue sharing if additional tenants collocate space on the tower? (The typical answer is no - but there are situations when you should). Should you be reimbursed for having an attorney review the lease? (The typical answer is yes - we can tell you how much to ask for).

For any and all questions related to cell site lease negotiations or valuation, cell site lease rates, or cell site lease appraisal services, please don't hesitate to contact us.