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Some lease consultants serve landowners, while at the same time working for wireless carriers. We see that as a conflict of interest. Since it’s conception in January 2004, Steel in the Air has been servicing property owners almost exclusively in wireless lease negotiations against wireless carriers, cell tower companies and lease buyout companies. In addition to representing over 2,500 property owners (including municipal governments, universities, major airports, condo associations and individual landowners), we perform cell site audits and evaluate tower portfolios for appraisers, investors and owners of wireless assets.

    1. Please enter your Full Name.

    First Name

    Last Name

    2. Do you understand the analysis and the recommendations that have been provided to

    Yes, AbsolutelyPartially, I need some clarification on some items (please explain)I do not understand the analysis and/or recommendations at all (please explain)

    3. Do you feel comfortable with negotiating or proceeding with the recommendations?

    Yes, Definitely ComfortableSomewhat ComfortableNo, I am not comfortable at all

    4. Would it be helpful for you to have a brief discussion with the Consultant who wrote your Assessment?

    Yes, Please!No, Thank you.Maybe, but I will reach out to my Consultant at a later date.

    5. Is there anything else you would like us to know at this point?

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