K2 Towers and Peppertree Tower Purchase Offers

K2 Towers And Peppertree Tower Purchase Offers

Peppertree Capital Management is a private equity firm focused on “growth equity, recapitalization and buyout opportunities in the telecommunications industries.” Recently, their representatives have been contacting cell tower owners under the name K2 Towers, as well as Peppertree Capital. They may tell you they are a “national acquirer of towers,” willing to offer lucrative lump sum cash buyouts for select towers.

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    If K2 Towers or Peppertree has contacted you about purchasing your communication tower or small portfolio of towers, chances are they found your name while going through FCC tower ownership records. It is our belief that K2 Towers is going through FCC tower and other data to identify owners in an attempt to reach them before they receive offers from competitors.

    In essence, they are “data mining” leads and then contacting tower owners with purchase proposals. The K2 Towers representative will then send you a spreadsheet, which instructs you, the owner, to complete it with financial information about the tower so they can reply with their proposed value for your towers.

    That’s where we come in. The experts at Steel in the Air can assist you with evaluating any offer from K2Towers or Peppertree. With our years of experience, we’ve acquired and established a proprietary Tower Sales Database, using reliable and comparable data from hundreds of nationwide tower sales. For this reason, we are able to best assess the appropriate and “real” value of your cell tower portfolio. We can provide you with a no cost, no obligation, “back of the napkin” verbal estimate of the value of your portfolio after we review the revenue and expenses as well as location data for the towers.

    Our hope in providing this valuable service is that you will continue to use our services if and when you decide to sell your tower(s). We have provided sell-side assistance to over 30 tower owners representing over $800,000,000 in tower sales while helping them to maximize the value of their tower assets. It would be our pleasure to provide you references from any of our tower owner clients.

    We believe that now is an excellent and opportune time to sell your towers, but not necessarily to the first company that comes along or makes an offer. If you are ready to sell, we can help broker the deal for you, ensuring that you receive the maximum value for your assets.

    Please note that we will only provide the estimate verbally. If you need a written assessment, please see Cell Tower Valuation and Appraisal.

    Our no cost, no obligation tower valuation estimate applies only to tower owners themselves- in other words, you must own the steel. If you are leasing the ground space to a tower company and have received a lease buyout offer, please see our page on cell tower lease buyouts.

    If you found this page in error while searching for Peppertree Capital Management or K2 Towers, please go to www.peppertreefund.com. This web page is intended to assist our potential clients who have been contacted by K2 Towers. Steel in the Air is a company that assists tower owners with cell tower valuations and is not affiliated with Peppertree Capital Management. Peppertree Capital Management and K2 Towers are trademarked names owned by the respective entities.

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