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Lease Templates And Emerging Technologies

Municipal governments nationwide, in small and large counties alike, are being contacted regarding leasing their land and/ or local structures to facilitate wireless telecom transmissions. Steel in the Air serves local governments, public, and non-profit entities and large-scale developers nationwide in wireless lease negotiations with issues spanning the development of new towers, to the deployment of DAS and small cell solutions.

We are industry experts who stay up to date on emerging technologies, and we can explain how they will affect your community’s wireless infrastructure now and well into the future. While each solution is as unique as the community it’s situated in, we can safely say that there are some general concerns common to all.

Lease Templates

Many municipalities are still relying on the same lease they modified from a wireless carrier’s template lease ten years ago, so while technology and carrier requirements have changed, the leases have not. In some of our recent consultations, this failure to update the municipal cell tower lease from a technical perspective is resulting in the termination of leases and the loss of revenue for the municipalities – losses that could have been prevented.

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    With the proliferation of new technologies like WI-FI, LTE, and WI-MAX, it’s becoming increasingly more important that the lease language accurately reflects the potential threats these new technologies may present. We are here to help review your lease from an objective and technical standpoint and make suggestions to your attorney on how to implement changes or clauses that will prevent the loss of future revenue from a municipal cell tower lease.

    We would be happy to provide references from past municipal clients and a no cost, no obligation estimate for our services. Please contact us for more information.

    If you are interested in seeing more information on how your municipality can maximize its revenue from developing its own cell towers for lease, please click here.

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