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Everest Infrastructure Partners is a tower developer and acquirer that is backed by Peppertree Capital.  Some of the principals of Everest Infrastructure were previously with Tristar Investors- a company that purchased ground leases under high-value communication towers with the objective of taking over ownership of the towers.  While Everest purchases towers and purchases land leases under cell towers, they don’t do it with the objective of taking ownership of the tower from the tower company.   Please note that Steel in the Air is not affiliated with Everest Infrastructure Partners.  If you have found this page while looking for their website – you can find their website at www.everestinfrastructure.com. 

Everest has approximately 312 towers/rooftop sites that they own outright and 41 towers that they manage.  They also have marketing rights/management rights to 1300 or so sites and buildings.   Everest is a reputable tower company- although like any tower company, their focus is on generating revenue for their shareholders.  

If You Are Contacted By Everest Infrastructure.

  1. You have an existing cell tower on your property and Everest has:
    • Acquired the cell tower and
      1. Wants to extend the lease or buy the lease.
    • Acquired the lease through a lease buyout and now controls the lease.
  2. You have a piece of property and Everest is interested in leasing your land for a cell tower.
  3. You have an existing tower, or a portfolio of towers and Everest has cold-called you looking to purchase the tower.

Contact Us

    How Steel In The Air Can Help With Everest Infrastructure Offers

    If Everest has approached you to build a tower on your property, we can review the proposed cell tower lease financial terms and advise on how best to negotiate the best proposed cell tower lease. 

    If you have a cell tower lease with Everest, they may contact you to extend your lease or expand the lease.  In either case, we can help guide you on what to do next.  In most cases, their first offer isn’t their best offer, and we can help you determine when and if to extend or expand the lease.

    If Everest has approached you for a cell tower lease buyout for a lease on your property for a tower owned by a wireless carrier or tower company, we can help you figure out how much your lease is worth and advise you on whether or not you should sell.

    Alternatively, if you have leased your rooftop to a cellular provider, Everest may be interested in acquiring an easement on your rooftop.  They may offer to split future revenue with you- but we typically recommend against this.

    Everest Has Made Me An Unsolicited Offer To Purchase My Tower(S)

    If you own one or more cell or broadcast towers, you might have received a letter or phone call from Everest where they claim they will make an offer to purchase your towers that nobody else can beat.  In our experience, almost any offer can be beaten.  Through our affiliated company, SteelTree Partners, we have brokered thousands of cell towers.  While Everest does on occasion win some of these bidding opportunities, on several occasions, they also don’t come close to the highest bid.  We strongly recommend against accepting Everest Infrastructure’s or any other tower company’s first offer to purchase your towers. If you want to know what your assets are truly worth- please reach out to us for a no-obligation free back-of-the-napkin estimate of the value of your tower assets.  We will let you know what they are worth in a competitive bidding process and if you are interested, how much our fee would be to broker the towers for you.   Worst case, you find out that the offer from Everest Infrastructure Partners is a good one.  Best case, you find out that your towers are worth more.

    If you would like to schedule a free no-obligation and confidential initial call, please contact us. We won’t share your information with anyone nor will we aggressively follow-up with you after the call.

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