Wireless Capital Partners Lease Buyouts

Wireless Capital Partners is a third party company that was established primarily to provide large lump sum payments to landowners in exchange for the rights to receive the revenue from the cell tower or cell site lease on the property. This one-time payment is typically discounted from the future value of the cellular lease, in exchange for Wireless Capital Partners assuming the risk that the lease might be terminated.

How to Level the Playing Field

If you’ve been approached by a company who is interested in buying your lease, we recommend that you evaluate (or have us evaluate) the following ten points before making your decision:

  1. Why is Wireless Capital Partners™ interested in buying my cell site lease?
  2. Is there additional revenue that I may be giving up by selling the cell site lease?
  3. What is the probability that the cell site lease will be terminated early?
  4. How many years should I apply a present value calculation to?
  5. What are the benefits of these types of transactions?
  6. What are the tax implications of this transaction? (You should consult with your Accountant)
  7. Are there other companies willing to purchase this cell site lease?
  8. Will these other companies pay more than Wireless Capital Partners for the cell site lease?
  9. How will current industry dynamics, including mergers and acquisitions between wireless carriers and cell tower companies, as well as changing wireless infrastructure deployment plans, affect my lease in the near future?
  10. Is this the best offer that Wireless Capital Partners™ can give?

Steel in the Air has assisted over 3,000 clients with cellular lease negotiations, lease buyouts and cellular asset valuation. We are seasoned wireless communications and infrastructure deployment consultants, and know the wireless industry, how the game is played and what motivates the players, better than any other independent consultants. If you’re interested in how to strategically position yourself and achieve the most valuable outcome, please contact us

If you’ve been contacted by Wireless Capital Partners, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. Also, if you prefer to receive other offers, we can help you procure them at no additional cost to you.

Steel in the Air is not affiliated with Wireless Capital Partners. Wireless Capital Partners, WCP, Wireless Capital are all brand names of Wireless Capital Partners. We counsel clients who have been approached by Wireless Capital Partners to sell their leases. If you have reached this page by error while searching for Wireless Capital Partners, please visit www.wirelesscapital.com.