TriStar Investors Lease Buyout Offers

TriStar Investors is known as a “lease buyout company.” It approaches landowners who have leased a ground space to tower companies. Sometimes, TriStar Investors will attempt to buy the lease outright from the leaseholder. In other cases, they attempt to negotiate alternative arrangements, such as increased lease payments beyond what the tower owner is currently paying. While a Tristar offer often sounds like “free money”, the smart landowner should realize that you don’t get anything for free. In fact, by accepting a Tristar offer, you might be giving up a far more lucrative lease amendment with the tower owner itself or an excellent lease buyout offer from other third parties. Furthermore, by accepting Tristar’s offer, you may force the tower owner to move the tower to another property (recall that tower owners have the right to terminate the lease at any time, and they don’t particularly like working with lease buyout companies), thereby reducing the rent you currently receive to nothing and eliminating any future revenue from the site.

It’s always advisable to seek outside, objective counsel from an expert when facing a decision as important as this. You should be aware that there might be several viable alternatives to the TriStar offer that may be more appealing and lucrative in your particular situation. You should also understand the risks that come with accepting a Tristar Investors offer.

Steel in the Air has assisted over 3000 clients including hundreds who have received or are dealing with TriStar Investors lease buyout offers. We are cell tower industry experts and have developed a financial model that clearly demonstrates the benefits of various buyout scenarios. While we can’t replace your own financial advisor or attorney, we can provide current and accurate information to which your advisors almost certainly don’t have ready access. Our experts have years of experience and know exactly “how the game works“. Let us help put that expertise to work for you.

If you have been approached by TriStar Investors to buyout your cell tower lease, please contact us. We will discuss your situation and candidly tell you upfront whether we can be of value to you and can provide a cost estimate of our services at that time.

If you are looking for information on TriStar Investors and found this page in error, you can call their office at (412) 882-4630. Steel in the Air is a consulting firm that assists landowners who have been approached by TriStar Investors to buy their cell tower leases. Steel in the Air is not affiliated with TriStar Investors.