Municipal Pole-Top Agreements and DAS Networks

One of the fastest growing areas of wireless network development is fiber-optic Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS. As an alternative to traditional cell towers and/or rooftop antennas, wireless carriers are utilizing DAS, comprised of small, unobtrusive repeaters, to solve cell phone coverage and capacity issues. These repeaters are most often erected on municipal or utility-owned light or wooden poles located in public rights-of-way.

Your local community and its local officials may be approached by representatives of the wireless carriers or other companies seeking permission to co-locate these structures in public rights-of-way and on municipal or utility light poles.

Steel in the Air can assist your community in the following areas:

das pole top

  • Through the use of our site mapping data, we can evaluate the applicant’s need for the DAS network when weighed against existing alternatives or infrastructure currently available for co-location.
  • We can review the compensation, terms and conditions of a municipal DAS Right-of-Way Use Agreement or Pole Attachment Agreement and advise you on how to best position yourself in consideration of your constituents.
  • We can explore, analyze and negotiate the availability of sharing the infrastructure of any proposed DAS network for municipal use, which could benefit your bottom line

There are many aspects to the negotiation of a DAS system that the average municipality is ill-equipped to deal with. DAS agreements typically bestow long terms rights on the wireless company with little ability for the municipality to terminate at will. A poorly negotiated agreement can impact your municipality in many ways which you might not even think about.

Steel in the Air can provide you one-stop consulting on DAS agreements and infrastructure deployment. Please contact us for further information.