Fiber Tower Lease Buyouts

Fiber Tower provides what are known as wireless backhaul services. Wireless backhaul is a replacement for the traditional means of moving phone calls from cell towers and cell sites to the ground based landline systems. In essence, your call from your cell phone is routed from the nearest cell site through the landline phone system through a switch to its destination, whether to a landline or to another cell phone through another cell tower. Every cell site (whether on a tower or on a rooftop or a water tower) is connected to the landline system. Fiber Tower seeks to replace the use of copper wiring from each cell site to the landline network using microwave transmissions.

In some cases, Fiber Tower does not need to contact the landowner at all; they simply install their equipment on the cell site. In other cases, Fiber Tower needs either the consent of the landowner or some ground space for their equipment. The problem is that Fiber Tower offers pretty nominal lease rates to the landowner for these rights. Most landowners, even municipalities, are ill equipped to deal with these requests because they don’t know what the going rate is for these services. Because Fiber Tower is so new, they can’t simply compare their lease with another lease done previously with Fiber Tower.

Steel in the Air has assisted numerous landowners and tower owners with negotiating fair market deals with FiberTower. We know their pitch and can help you assess how hard you should negotiate with Fiber Tower. Don’t accept their first offer. We have never failed to help our clients get an increase over the offer. And don’t simply believe that you can charge what you are getting for your other cell site leases. They simply can’t pay it.

We can also educate you on the technical side of what they are attempting to do. We can share with you what we believe their expected revenue is off of your site and help you control your site without giving Fiber Tower greater rights than they deserve.

If you have been contacted by Fiber Tower for consent on a sublease or for a direct lease of ground space, contact us immediately. We can help you assess the fair market value of the Fiber Tower lease. We can work with your attorney or recommend one to you who can review the Fiber Tower lease.

If you are looking for legal assistance, our related law firm, Cell Tower Attorney, can assist you in negotiating favorable terms and condition to the proposed Fiber Tower lease.

Please contact us for a free estimate on our services.

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