Cell Towers for Sale: The Buying and Selling of Cell Towers

In our experience, smaller “mom and pop” tower operators (who own 1-10 towers) aren’t always aware of all the brokerage channels available to them. If they’ve decided to sell their tower assets, the usually contact large public tower companies, instead of investment banks or other tower owners who happen to be in full acquisition mode. One reason for this is that they are likely approached regularly by tower companies who, taking advantage of their lack of experience at tower valuation, will offer very low purchase prices.

The truth is that cell tower sales are currently just off a multi-year high. There are actually many parties who are not only interested in procuring towers, but are clamoring for new assets to add to their portfolios. The most recent prices paid for towers are significant and impressive. We caution our clients (and potential clients) to be aware of aggressive strategies, like employing “drop-dead” dates to pressure you to sell. It’s likely that your tower is worth more than you realize.

Our Privacy Guarantee – Our Database is Proprietary and Your Information is Confidential

We take our clients’ confidentiality and privacy seriously and NEVER sell or distribute any of our data. SITA data is 100% proprietary. We do not sell our data outright. We can be retained to provide consulting services, and will use our data to justify valuation recommendations.

Steel in the Air is your trusted source for tower valuation. Along with our partner, SteelTree Partners, we have assisted in the sale of over $800 million worth of tower assets, and have worked with the majority of serious cell tower buyers. We know what motivates them and what your tower portfolio is really worth to them. We can be retained as a sale-side advisor to assist in the valuation of your tower portfolio, and also help you broker the deal, via a closed-bidding auction where you set your acceptable price. Alternatively, we can be retained on a commission basis so there is no obligation unless you sell your tower(s).

Free Verbal Estimate of the Value of Your Tower Portfolio

If you have a tower portfolio and want a verbal estimate of its value, we are happy to provide one at no cost. We will need some basic information like, total expenses and revenue, as well as location data to provide you with an accurate assessment. While there is no commitment required from you after receiving an estimate, it is our hope that you will retain our services to assist you in the sale of your tower (however, many of our clients have decided to hold onto their towers after determining how valuable they really are).

Please note that this offer for a free estimate doesn’t apply unless you are the actual owner of the steel. If you own the ground underneath the tower and are leasing to the tower owner, please visit our page on Cell Tower Lease Buyouts.

If you are interested in selling your tower outright, and prefer to skip the brokerage process, please see our page: Looking to Sell Your Tower?