AT&T Terminated 630 Cell Sites in 2019

AT&T (via BlackDot), is contacting tower owners and landowners and trying to convince them to renegotiate their leases.  If you have read our previous content- there isn’t much new to this renegotiation story except for the following letter that they provided to one of our clients. The highlighted part is the interesting part- AT&T claims […]

Black Dot’s New Pitch to AT&T Cell Site Owners

According to a client of mine, Black Dot Wireless has a new pitch that they are trying on landowners with AT&T cell site leases. Most of these pitches, I don’t bother to post. Today’s pitch was so patently ludicrous that I felt it necessary to call them out on such a ridiculous statement (even worse […]

BlackDot Wireless and AT&T Still Trying To Get Reductions

Cell site lease groundowners who thought they had heard the last from AT&T and Blackdot after refusing to lower their ground lease rates are being contacted again by Blackdot Wireless with the same pitch- just a different angle. These landowners or building owners with AT&T cell sites weren’t persuaded by the earlier pitch that AT&T […]

Cingular to take lease reduction negotiations in house?

We heard a unsubstantiated rumor that Cingular is planning on pulling back the AT&T and Cingular cell site lease optimization program contracts back from Black Dot Wireless and MD7 and doing their own lease renegotiation in-house. There has been no formal press release to this effect and if you are still being contacted by MD7 […]