Cell Tower Heights Across the US

One of our clients contacted us to inquire about the average heights of cell towers. We did a quick analysis of the FCC tower data and came up with the following chart which shows the height of the cell tower (horizontal axis) vs the number of towers of that height (vertical axis). We thought we would share the chart as it presents an interesting visual on cell tower height.


Please note that this chart may not be indicative of the height distribution of all cell towers because the FCC did not always require registration of cell towers under 200′.


  1. Hi, I am a post secondary student who is doing a physics assignment regarding Cell Towers. My question is, what is the mass of a typical cell tower? And if you could give me an estimated answer that would be great! Also it would be nice if you can provide me with further details; as in what components beside the tower and battery. Thank you.

  2. Why are cell towers so short? I would think the higher they are, the more coverage they could provide.

  3. The primary reason for shorter towers is capacity driven. Taller towers provide greater coverage- but each tower can only handle so many users (500-2000 simultaneously). So they need more towers to handle more people and that means shorter towers.

  4. There really aren’t any factors to consider for a rooftop tower other than planning/zoning and permitting requirements. It just needs to serve the purpose for which it is being used for.

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