Jennifer from TX

I was looking at your website yesterday and found it very informative. I also saw your client testimonials and realized I probably didn-t tell you that I was successful with negotiating a couple of our renewals: – Cingular was paying us $x,xxx/month. Blackdot wanted to reduce the rent in their next renewal to $x,xxx with termination rights. I was able to successfully negotiate a new 5 year term, with 2 five year options, at $x,xxx/month, earning us an extra $50K during their next term. – T-Mobile was paying us $x,xxx/month. Md7 gave us 2 options: (1) reduce the rent to $x,xxx/month, with a 24 month rent holiday and no renewal bumps, and 10 year rent guarantee, or (2) $x,xxx/month, no rent holiday, no renewal bumps, 10 year rent guarantee – or they would seek another location. We declined their offer, they then sent me a letter of renewal of the lease as is, which would be a 5 year renewal to start next March. Your report was invaluable to me in my ability to negotiate these rates. So thank you again for your hard work on that.