T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merger

Update: T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier, acquired MetroPCS in May, 2013, adding 9 million new customers to its 34 million customer base. T-Mobile intends to assimilate MetroPCS entirely into its own network within the next two years. The article below was written prior to the merger. Steel in the Air can assist property owners currently engaged in leases with MetroPCS with issues like: Lease Terminations, Lease Modifications, and Lease Buyouts. We can also consult clients on new cellular leases with T-Mobile.

MetroPCS has historically been active in terms of developing new cell sites. As of April, 2013, the company served more than 8 million subscribers in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas. While this seems a relatively low number when compared with the four largest wireless carriers, MetroPCS spent $1.39 billion to acquire licenses in spectrum auctions and has been concentrating on building and expanding out these markets. These licenses were acquired in over 80% of the country including the northeast*.

Steel in the Air has helped many clients with the careful and thorough evaluation of MetroPCS cellular leases. We combine our experience and expertise to offer guidance on the entire leasing process as well as the technical issues of leasing land, or rooftop space to MetroPCS.

Our review is based on two factors:

The uniqueness of your property

Above anything else, the most important factor in MetroPCS cell tower location negotiations is whether they have any other options for providing coverage in that area. We start with their known sites and attempt to "reverse engineer" their cell tower location selection process based. We have helped over 3,000 property owners with lease negotiations across the country, and we have diligently tracked the process, based on a multiple of variables, including zoning ordinances, and comparable (“competing”) structures.The more unique your site is - the better your negotiating position. We'll be there to help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Comparable Rates for MetroPCS in your Area

We can compare the proposed lease agreement from MetroPCS with competitors we've worked with in your area. We have assembled a large database of cell site and cell tower lease rates and will share with you what the average rate is for similar MetroPCS cell tower locations. We will work closely with you to help determine what the specific lease rate should be for your cell tower location and advise you on the terms of the cell site lease.

Our evaluation and analysis can greatly reduce the chances of lost income. See how much just $100/month impacts your lease income by clicking on our Increase in Lease Chart.

To learn more, please contact us. We've worked with over 3,000 clients‐ many who've provided testimonials about our services including some with MetroPCS cell tower locations lease issues. .

If you found this page in error while looking for the MetroPCS site, please visit http://www.metropcs.com/. Steel in the Air is an independent consulting firm that assists landowners with evaluating offers from MetroPCS. This web page is intended to educate our potential clients who have been approached by MetroPCS to lease land or a rooftop for a cell site or cell tower. Steel in the Air is not affiliated with MetroPCS.