Cell Site and Lease Rates Database

Cell Phone Tower Maps and Data for Google Earth

Steel in the Air is pleased to announce a new use of mapping technology for cell tower data using Google Earth. This technology enables the viewer to upload cell tower location data directly into Google Earth for viewing.

We have compiled a number of data sources within the maps including FCC tower data, FAA tower data and Steel in the Air's proprietary cell tower database. Individual points on the map can be clicked on- and specific site data can be reviewed for any area of the country.

Furthermore, since the data includes the height of the towers, we can reference that as a 3D drawing in Google Earth. For example, the map below shows a panned view of an area northeast of Asheville, NC. Note the vertical lines representing tower height. Coupled with the 3D topography on Google Earth (a trademarked name of Google) a map can be presented with the tower data in 3D set upon the 3D topographical map.

This utility enables us to envision whether a particular tower "sees" over a hilltop.

Google Earth makes it easy to forward this tower data- so we can generate the file and forward it to you for your own use. Alternatively, we can set up a website for your internal use whereby you can enter a specific address or set of latitude and longitude coordinates and you can do unlimited searches.

Please contact us for a free quote on the cost of our services and for further details on our cell tower maps.