Important Cell Tower Siting Case

As you may have seen in Steel in the Air’s newsletter this week, the US Supreme Court took up the case of City Rancho Palos Verdes vs. Abrams. Although the plaintiff of the case was a ham radio operator who was erroneously denied a tower, the ruling on this case will extend to cell towers as well. At issue is whether or not federal law authorizes damage suits against cities over the building of cell towers. [Read more…]

Cell tower heights being reduced?

A recent trend that I find disturbing is municipalities and national parks caving (no pun intended) to public pressure and either requesting or demanding that cell tower lessees reduce the height of an already permitted and approved cell tower. A recent news article run by the Associated Press “Yellowstone officials want cell tower shortened” contains a story of Yellowstone officials who are requesting the Western Wireless reduce the height of an tower built a year or two ago. [Read more…]

Rooftop Owners Beware

It has been brought to my attention by a site management associate of mine that a certain and unnamed provider of broadband wireless services (essentially point to point T1 speed transmissions) has been attempting to install wireless equipment on rooftops under the guise that they are allowed there as part of a major wireless carrier’s rooftop cell antenna lease agreement. [Read more…]

Antenna Structure Registration Numbers for the last 4 Years

Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I checked on the number of Antenna Structure Registrations over the last four years to see what they showed in terms of site growth. (courtesy of Chuck Pergrim of Percon) As most of my readers will know, the FCC does not require Antenna Structure Registrations for all towers, particularly those that do not require FAA notification. (Typically under 200′) [Read more…]

Consumer Reports annual review of wireless carriers shows Verizon best of "bad bunch"

The news is out- Verizon is listed as the top carrier by Consumer Reports. I am sure that we will see a number of press releases from various carriers who were not number one claiming that the testing was flawed or exhorting virtues that Consumer Reports did not mention. (Like Sprint’s Used To Be the Largest All Digital Network) [Read more…]

Cingular to "Cherry Pick" AT&T Cell Tower Sites

In a series of new press releases from Cingular regarding cell tower development in the SouthEast, there is a common statment included. “Cingular is not only planning to build additional sites across (pick state) to further enhance the local networks, but also to “cherry pick” sites from the existing AT&T Wireless network that will quickly add coverage to areas of need.” [Read more…]

Cell Tower Info – First Post

Welcome to the first post on the Steel in the Air – Cell Tower Info blog.  I’m Ken Schmidt, the Founder. 

First off, let me start by telling you that if you are looking for news clippings about cell towers, Steel in the Air provides a newsletter that focuses on happenings within the cell tower industry that impact both developers and landowners. The newsletter comes out every Friday and can be subscribed to by emailing me at [Read more…]