Spectrasite to be the target of an acquisition?

9/23/2015 Update


In early-2005, we speculated on which cell tower company would end up purchasing Spectrasite (the contenders are listed below).  In May of 2005, Spectrasire Communications, a rival cell tower company, was purchased by American Tower (AMT) for $3.1 billion. The acquisition expanded American Tower’s global portfolio to over 22,000 owned communications sites including over 21,000 wireless towers, 400 broadcast towers and 100 in-building DAS (Distributed Antenna System) sites. [Read more…]

Tallest Towers in the World

I came across a website with the tallest structures in the world-and included the top 10 (all towers) or so for your perusal. This list is courtesy of www.answers.com.

648.38 m
Warszawa radio mast, Konstantynów, Poland (destroyed 1991)
628.80 m
KVLY-TV mast, Blanchard, North Dakota
627.89 m
KXJB-TV mast, Galesburg, North Dakota
624.50 m
615.10 m
KLDE-TV mast, Angleton, Texas
610.00 m
Petronius Platform, Gulf of Mexico
610.00 m
WITN-TV mast, Grifton, North Carolina
610.00 m
KATV-TV mast, Jefferson County, Arkansas
609.60 m
609.60 m
609.60 m
NYT Broadcast Holdings Tower US
609.60 m
American Tower Management US
609.60 m
Des Moines Hearst-Argyle TV Tower US

A Wireless Carrier Sending out Threatening Letters to Landowners

A unnamed wireless carrier who has recently merged has been sending out letters to landowners with leases for a cell tower on their property alleging that due to consolidation of assets, that the landowner must take a 45% to 75% reduction in rent if they want to continue receiving any income. The letter is written in a way to suggest that if the landowner fails to renegotiate the lease, that there is a significant chance that the lease will be terminated. [Read more…]

Important Cell Tower Siting Case

As you may have seen in Steel in the Air’s newsletter this week, the US Supreme Court took up the case of City Rancho Palos Verdes vs. Abrams. Although the plaintiff of the case was a ham radio operator who was erroneously denied a tower, the ruling on this case will extend to cell towers as well. At issue is whether or not federal law authorizes damage suits against cities over the building of cell towers. [Read more…]

Cell tower heights being reduced?

A recent trend that I find disturbing is municipalities and national parks caving (no pun intended) to public pressure and either requesting or demanding that cell tower lessees reduce the height of an already permitted and approved cell tower. A recent news article run by the Associated Press “Yellowstone officials want cell tower shortened” contains a story of Yellowstone officials who are requesting the Western Wireless reduce the height of an tower built a year or two ago. [Read more…]

Rooftop Owners Beware

It has been brought to my attention by a site management associate of mine that a certain and unnamed provider of broadband wireless services (essentially point to point T1 speed transmissions) has been attempting to install wireless equipment on rooftops under the guise that they are allowed there as part of a major wireless carrier’s rooftop cell antenna lease agreement. [Read more…]