Municipalities Undervalue Cell Tower Leases by Bidding

I recently read another story about a municipality that created an auction to bid off the rights to lease its wireless properties. The municipality- which will remain nameless- provided an RFP to the wireless carriers to gauge interest for its municipal properties. The story was written from the perspective of how successful this auction was because they received 3 bids- none on the same properties. [Read more…]

TMobile Cell Tower Landowners being Contacted to Renegotiate Lease

So yet another carrier chooses to enlist the services of lease renegotiation companies. The game is the same- either you choose to renegotiate or your site will not be prioritized in the network. With one huge difference- TMobile has not merged with any other carrier. [Read more…]

Sprint/Nextel Landowners Receive Cell Tower Lease Renegotiation Letters

It appears that BlackDot has been retained by Sprint/Nextel to help renegotiate the cell tower ground leases. For those of you unfamiliar with Blackdot, they were previously retained by Cingular and AT&T after the merger to approach landowners with whom Cingular had a cell tower lease and attempt to renegotiate the lease down on the basis of duplication and/or additional expense of equipment upgrades. [Read more…]

Carriers Looking for "Minor Changes"

Many cell tower owners and site owners have been approached by site acquisition agents for Cingular (trademarked- no affiliation to Steel in the Air) who has recently merged with AT&T. This carrier is requesting the option of doing minor maintenance or the simple change out of a few lines/antennas on the cell tower or rooftop cell site. [Read more…]

Market for Cell Towers Red Hot

In recent weeks, we have heard evidence that the market for existing tower portfolios is red hot. Towers are bought and sold on the basis of a multiple of annual net cash flow. The multiples on recent deals for cell towers have been steadily increasing and are approaching rates that are significantly higher than those seen in the last four years. [Read more…]

Cingular AT&T Sued for Cell Tower Lease Renegotiation Letters

Cingular was sued by the City of Parma, Ohio for letters that they have sent to the landowners who have cell tower leases with them. These letters essentially imply that by renegotiation the lease rate down, that the landowner will put themselves in a better position when Cingular starts terminating the duplicative tower sites that they have after the AT&T Wireless merger. [Read more…]

Interesting Cell Phone Statistics

Some statistics provided by CTIA that I found interesting.

When the industry started, only 23 wireless phone conversations could occur simultaneously in the same service area. As demand grew, the FCC changed its position and promised the industry that “if the technology to build better mobile phone service works, we will increase the cellular phone frequencies allocation, freeing the airwaves for more mobile phones.” [Read more…]

Spectrasite to be the target of an acquisition?

9/23/2015 Update


In early-2005, we speculated on which cell tower company would end up purchasing Spectrasite (the contenders are listed below).  In May of 2005, Spectrasire Communications, a rival cell tower company, was purchased by American Tower (AMT) for $3.1 billion. The acquisition expanded American Tower’s global portfolio to over 22,000 owned communications sites including over 21,000 wireless towers, 400 broadcast towers and 100 in-building DAS (Distributed Antenna System) sites. [Read more…]