Cell Tower Health – American Cancer Society Summary of Research

At Steel in the Air, Inc., we are constantly bombarded with questions about the issue of the safety of cell towers and the radio frequency emissions from them. Our answer is that we are not qualified to answer the question of whether cell towers are a health risk. We do point out that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local communities from evaluating health risks as part of a decision on whether to approve or deny a cell tower in a zoning hearing. In fact, if it becomes apparent that a cell tower was denied on the basis of health risks, the decision can be overturned on appeal. [Read more…]

Global Tower Partners acquired by Private Equity

Global Tower Partners announced their acquisition to a consortium led by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners and Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group. A quick search for Macquarie finds that they created the entities last year to fund investments in infrastructure. [Read more…]

American Tower Corp tower ground space targeted by opportunists

A client of our was approached by a site acquisition agent who they mistakenly thought was a representative of American Tower Corporation. American Tower leases space on their property for a tower. Due to the physical size of the building and the small size of the parcel, there is not much room remaining for expansion.

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MetroPCS set to build over 1000 sites in New York

Now that MetroPCS has acquired spectrum under the Advanced Wireless Services auction and spent over $363,000,000 to acquire the 10 mHz NYC C block license (shown in dark red) which covers 27,000,000 people and acquired an additional 10 mHz of spectrum with the Northeast D block license (shown in light red) for $552,000,000 which covers the entire northeast and includes over 50,000,000 people, they have plans to start building out the network. See MetroPCS auction bids in this PDF from the FCC. (Map -copyright 2007- Steel in the Air, Inc.) [Read more…]

Cell Site Lease Buyout Firm Backs Out of Purchases of Sprint-Nextel Leases

If you have been approached to sell a cell site lease for Nextel or Sprint, and you have other cell site leases that you wish to sell- be careful about the contract you enter to sell the leases.

It has come to our attention that one of the largest lease purchase companies has entered into agreements to purchase multiple leases from a client of ours including a Nextel cell site lease and a Sprint cell site lease and is now backing out of purchasing one of those leases due to potential perceived risk from termination because of the Sprint/Nextel merger. [Read more…]

AT&T Mistakenly Reduces Cell Phone Tower Lease Rent

AT&T (previously Cingular), through a lease optimization firm (either BlackDot or Md7), contacts a landowner with a cell phone tower lease with AT&T and requests that the owner reduce their rent. The landowner tells AT&T that they won’t reduce the rent and does not agree to the proposed amendment to the cell phone tower lease. AT&T reduces the rent checks anyway. [Read more…]

The Largest U.S. Tower Companies

From RCR News- the largest tower companies in the US. Please note that the list is fairly incomplete and just shows those that have contacted RCR News.

American Tower Corp. 22,288
Crown Castle International Corp. 12,910
Global Signal Inc. 11,000
SBA Communications Corp. 5,500
Global Tower Partners 2,357
Clear Channel Vertical Real Estate 1,378
National Grid Wireless 450
TowerCo L.L.C. 360
Subcarrier Communications, Inc. 280
Optasite Inc. 268
Roberts Tower Company, LLC 186
Southeast Towers L.L.C. 175
Communication Enhancement L.L.C. 140
Day Wireless Systems 110
Dobson Cellular Systems Inc. 91
Liberty Towers 83
Wichita Towers LLC. 64
Lattice Communications L.L.C. 48
Towers of Texas Inc. 37
Skyway Towers LLC. 30
Central States Tower L.L.C. 28
Chesapeak-Ridan LLC 20
ClearShot Communications 20
City Switch L.L.C. 7

CitySwitch to Build Towers on Railroad Easements without need for Local Zoning Approval

A new startup called CitySwitch, LLC that is funded largely by Norfolk Southern is prepared to offer what they believe are unique opportunities to wireless carriers for buildout of towers. CitySwitch works with railroad companies to place towers on railroad easements. [Read more…]

Global Signal signs Black Dot on to negotiate reductions in their leases.

It is incredibly disconcerting to me as a member of the wireless industry to see Black Dot Wireless’s success. They have made a business of convincing landowners who otherwise have no reason to negotiate a reduction in their cell tower lease to agree to such a reduction. [Read more…]