Cell Towers are as Carcinogenic as Pickled Vegetables

Cell phones are as carcinogenic as coffee, pickled vegetables, coconut oil and carpentry.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) advisory committee, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), decided that radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) should be classified as a “Group 2B “possible” carcinogenic – in the same group as coffee, pickled vegetables, coconut oil and the carpentry profession, in general. [Read more…]

Hasty Decisions Made by School Boards and Churches

At Steel in the Air, Inc, we have assisted a number of municipalities with cell phone tower lease proposals at schools. We have also provided guidance to a number of schools, both public and private across the United States.

To our surprise, in some circumstances there has been little to no public opposition to the proposal to place a tower at a school or a church. The surprise comes from the fact that rarely are tower proposals at schools and churches unopposed by local residents. These residents rally to the cry that “towers will cause unknown health problems in our children” regardless of whether they have studied the issue or not. This post is not to suggest that these parents are rationally protective or hysterically uninformed, but to suggest that schools and churches should know in advance that parents will in all likelihood object to the proposed cell phone tower at the church or school. And that such opponents can become very vociferous and actionable. [Read more…]

Cell Tower Health – American Cancer Society Summary of Research

At Steel in the Air, Inc., we are constantly bombarded with questions about the issue of the safety of cell towers and the radio frequency emissions from them. Our answer is that we are not qualified to answer the question of whether cell towers are a health risk. We do point out that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local communities from evaluating health risks as part of a decision on whether to approve or deny a cell tower in a zoning hearing. In fact, if it becomes apparent that a cell tower was denied on the basis of health risks, the decision can be overturned on appeal. [Read more…]