Rooftop Small Cell in Syracuse, NY (Ken’s Hometown)

Despite living here for over a year now, I just came across my first small cell in the City of Syracuse.   The site and equipment are located on and adjacent to the rooftop of Rosie’s Bar & Grill just west of Syracuse.

Small Cell Location

Below is a photo showing the rooftop small cell- which includes a small antenna mount along with an omni type antenna.  Based on what we have seen in proposed Verizon rooftop small cell plans for other clients- this appears to be a Verizon installation.

Small Cell Photo
Rooftop Verizon Small Cell

The Verizon small cell connects to an approximately 4′ tall equipment cabinet mounted on a steel platform on the side of the building.    Verizon has likely entered into a small cell lease agreement with Rosie’s for the placement of the equipment.  They typically offer $250/month to $300/mo. for this type of lease although like anything that is negotiable.   If Verizon or another small cell provider contacts you for a similar proposal- give us a call at (877) 428-6937 or contact us.

Small Cell EquipmentSmall Cell Equipment



Non-Cellular Companies That Lease Cell Towers

Cell Tower Leasing Companies
A tower a client of ours sold for over $2,000,000.

Or How to Sell a Cell Tower for $2,000,000

A tower owner client of ours asked us for help in documenting for their lender that cell towers are used by many companies, not just cellular companies.  To assist, we established the list of non-cellular cell tower leasing companies.  Most people understand that the typical cell tower is constructed and operated with a focus on leasing space on the tower to cellular providers.   However, there are a number of other companies that provide telecommunication services to other companies or direct to consumers that actively lease space on towers. [Read more…]

T-Mobile’s BingeOn™ Lemonade Stand Satiates Shareholder Thirst

1. At heart, it’s all about network anti-congestion strategies.

We’ve got to hand it to T-Mobile – they’ve been trying hard to market their shortcomings, such as network gaps and spectrum position relative to other wireless service providers, as advantages. T-Mobile was the first of the Big Four telecoms to offer WIFI calling, connecting phone calls via local WIFI networks instead of using its cellular LTE infrastructure. In mid-November T-Mobile unveiled Binge On™, a video streaming platform that would allow its customers unlimited streaming for free. In areas where T-Mobile’s LTE service is not already up and running, the innovative company has pledged to install LTE CellSpots (femtocells) into users’ homes – also for free. [Read more…]

How the sale of Verizon towers will impact leaseholders


Verizon has hired an investment bank to assist it with the possible sale of its tower assets.  Macquarie Securities analyst Kevin Smithen estimates that there are 12,500 towers that might be part of the offering.  We suspect that the actual number will be smaller than that but still above 10,000.  Previous sales of communication towers for AT&T and T-Mobile yielded sizeable funds for each company and Verizon has suggested that the AT&T tower transaction opened their eyes.  We suspect that the answer is actually that Verizon wisely waited to be the last major carrier to sell their portfolio of towers and we believe that Verizon should see a better price per tower than either T-Mobile or AT&T did.   Verizon has suggested they want the deal done by the end of the year. [Read more…]

Good news for rural landowners: more cell sites

Sprint adds 15 rural carriers to its Rural Roaming Network, an initiative that originally launched during the first half of 2014 with 12 regional wireless providers.  Currently, Sprint has expanded its LTE footprint across 565,000 square miles in 27 states.  Sprint is also involved in a Small Market Alliance with NetAmerica, which will provide rural carriers with access to Sprint’s Spark Network using 800 Mhz and 1.9 GHz spectrum through reciprocal roaming agreements.  In fact, Sprint’s Chairman, Masayoshi Son has offered financial assistance to regional carriers who seek to build-out their rural LTE coverage during this year’s CCA event.  Of interest is the fact that 83% of the U.S. population resides in suburban or rural areas, which are almost exclusively served by tower-based macro sites.  All in all, this is good news for rural landowners who are currently party to cellular leases (as well as those who are not but would like to be), since we expect to see significant cell-site builds and collocation opportunities in rural markets as demand continues to skyrocket.

How COAS Can Benefit from Cell Site Leases

In the United States, there are over 300,000 cell sites, encompassing those that are located on cell towers, other structures (like telephone poles and water towers), and rooftops.  Ken Schmidt, President of Steel in the Air, estimates that in Florida, there are between 500 – 750 cellular leases tied to rooftops located on condominium buildings. [Read more…]

Afraid of Rocking the Boat: When to Build Your Own Tower

Rocking the Boat.

A gentleman called us two days ago. He had been approached by a local tower company to build a cell tower on his property. We had an initial discussion, and he seemed intrigued by our services. The initial offer from the tower company was pretty decent, better than an initial offer should have been for this area. I suggested this to him and also suggested that typically when a tower company makes an offer like this, it is because the property is unique. This gentleman owned a significant amount of acres along a difficult-to-cover corridor. The tower company had no other choice but to use his property. [Read more…]

Individual Masquerading as Steel in the Air Employee

A woman from Virginia contacted us today and indicated that she had met a man who was passing himself off as an Italian business man who works for Steel in the Air, Inc.   He referred her to our website and used an email address that contained the words “italianmanofsteel”.   He indicated that he had to leave for a business trip to Malaysia shortly after meeting her and 3 days later called and asked her to send money.

She wisely called us and we indicated to her that it was a scam.   If you have been contacted by anyone working for Steel in the Air that asks you to send money, don’t send it.   We would never ask you to send money unless you have a written contract with us for services.

Best Practices Guide for Lease Buyout/Optimization Companies

Author’s Note: The following article is written tongue in cheek- I was just feeling a little rambunctious today about the myriad of “strategies” that we come across every day that lease buyout companies, tower companies, lease optimization firms, and wireless carriers use to try to convince landowners to do something that is not in their best interest. Hopefully, this will help at least one landowner realize that they aren’t alone and that they don’t have to make hurried and rash decisions.  Please realize that no company does all of these things and not all salespeople at these companies do them.  [Read more…]