Sprint site redundancies and upgrades. Know what to watch out for.

Sprint is working with Nokia Networks (one of three network vendors) to upgrade its Spark program. This means adding two additional 20-MHz channels to existing cell sites that currently support just one 20-MHz channel for a total of three 20-MHz channels per site by year-end 2015. [Read more…]

And Immediately They Pounce…

As landowners and tower owners just start to hear of the AT&T – T-Mobile merger news, the lease buyout firms and optimization firms have started aggressive campaigns to encourage landowners to either sell or renegotiate the terms of their leases IMMEDIATELY.    Despite the fact that the AT&T and T-Mobile merger will take a year to complete and that it may not (but probably will) be consummated at all, landowners are being told that they have to act now. [Read more…]

Why is Clearwire Terminating My Lease- Part 2

A recent article about Clearwire in Wireless Week doesn’t directly address lease terminations by Clearwire, but does suggest some reasons that may account for the terminations.   Clearwire is obligated by their license requirements with the FCC to build out certain rural areas.  Hindered by poor retail sales, Clearwire doesn’t appear to have the funds to continue its aggressive build out. [Read more…]

Why is Clearwire Terminating My Lease?

A number of landowners have been receiving termination letters from Clearwire for sites where Clearwire negotiated a lease agreement but failed to start construction.   The letters simply state that Clearwire is no longer interested in the site and is terminating under the termination language in the agreement.   For most owners this comes as somewhat of a shock because it appeared that Clearwire was actively pursuing the site. [Read more…]

Wireless Capital Partners tells Landowners of Sprint/Nextel Credit Problems.

So today, two separate clients who are considering cell site lease buyouts from Wireless Capital Partners received emails from their WCP reps that has a cryptic message regarding Sprint/Nextel’s credit rating being downgraded to junk bond status. [Read more…]

AT&T Mistakenly Reduces Cell Phone Tower Lease Rent

AT&T (previously Cingular), through a lease optimization firm (either BlackDot or Md7), contacts a landowner with a cell phone tower lease with AT&T and requests that the owner reduce their rent. The landowner tells AT&T that they won’t reduce the rent and does not agree to the proposed amendment to the cell phone tower lease. AT&T reduces the rent checks anyway. [Read more…]

Sprint/Nextel Landowners Receive Cell Tower Lease Renegotiation Letters

It appears that BlackDot has been retained by Sprint/Nextel to help renegotiate the cell tower ground leases. For those of you unfamiliar with Blackdot, they were previously retained by Cingular and AT&T after the merger to approach landowners with whom Cingular had a cell tower lease and attempt to renegotiate the lease down on the basis of duplication and/or additional expense of equipment upgrades. [Read more…]

Cingular to "Cherry Pick" AT&T Cell Tower Sites

In a series of new press releases from Cingular regarding cell tower development in the SouthEast, there is a common statment included. “Cingular is not only planning to build additional sites across (pick state) to further enhance the local networks, but also to “cherry pick” sites from the existing AT&T Wireless network that will quickly add coverage to areas of need.” [Read more…]