CCI expresses interest in buying Verizon towers

Crown Castle (CCI) is the largest of the Big Three U.S. tower companies, and currently owns 40K towers nationwide (followed by American Tower with ~28K and SBA with 15K).   In September 2012, CCI bought 7,200 cell towers from T-Mobile, and in October 2013 it purchased 9,700 from AT&T.  CCI spokesperson says the company is now open to buying 6K towers from Verizon, which would be a $3B acquisition. [Read more…]

American Tower Lease Extensions – DELAYED!

A good portion of our business comes from landowners who have received offers to extend their leases from the large tower companies like Crown Castle or American Tower.   We evaluate the proposals and recommend what the tower lease is actually worth to our clients.   [Read more…]

Crown Castle’s Newest Lease Extension Ploy

Crown Castle has been contacting landowners saying that Crown has been informed that their site is “one among several in your geographic area that has been chosen to be looked at more closely by the carriers on the tower to determine long term viability of the site”.   “Those sites with less than 20 years remaining on the ground lease have become the focus of the carrier’s concerns”.  Crown further goes on to state that “Meetings to determine if your site meets optimal operational requirements has been scheduled for the week of November 7-11th, 2011” and that they need your lease extension before then. [Read more…]

Crown Castle and Nextel Revenue Sharing

On a few occasions now, clients of ours with Crown Castle tower ground leases have received proposals to either purchase or extend their ground leases.   These lease extension or lease buyout offers are attempts by Crown Castle to tie up long term rights under their towers.   This is nothing new, as they have been making these offers for years now to every one of their landowners. [Read more…]

Crown Castle offers landowners who sold to Wireless Capital Partners the "opportunity" to extend their cell tower ground lease.

A landowner sold their cell phone tower lease to Wireless Capital Partners. The Wireless Capital Partners lease assignment and successor lease provided that they controlled the rights to the cell phone tower lease for 30 years. The lease actually has only 26 years remaining, so Wireless Capital Partners received 26 years under the assignment of lease and 4 years under a successor lease. A successor lease provides for the rights vested under the current cell phone tower lease after the expiration of the current lease. [Read more…]

Verizon Cell Phone Tower Leases Expiring in Sizeable Numbers

It appears that many of the initial Verizon’s cell phone tower leases are getting ready to expire over the next few years. This includes a number of towers acquired by Crown Castle. Although hardly empirical- our data suggests that Verizon is waiting to approach many landowners until a few months prior to the expiration of their cell phone tower leases. [Read more…]