The Future of Cell Towers – Reshaping the World Over The Next 10 Years


The radio part of the cell site (analog) and the smart part of the cell site (digital) won’t need to be at the same location anymore.  Historically, at every cell site, both parts have been on the ground.  Lately, with remote radio units, the two parts have been separated with part on the tower and part on the ground.  In the future, there are limited reasons why the two parts even need to be at the same site. [Read more…]

Steel in the Air proudly launches a Spanish version of our new responsive website.

Bienvenido a Steel in the Air. Llevamos ayudando desde 2004 a propietarios privados y gobiernos locales en la tasación y negociación sobre el arrendamiento de las antenas de telefonía móvil con las compañías inalámbricas, las propietarias de las torres y las posibles compras del arrendamiento. También hemos ayudado a negociar más de $800 millones en activos inalámbricos para propietarios de torres minoristas. Hemos creado esta página web para convertirnos en un recurso valioso en esta industria.

Cell Site Lease Offers from the Carriers: Average Lease Rate Examined

Which carrier pays the most for their leases on a general basis? To answer this question, Steel in the Air turned to our cell site lease database with more than 8,000 records of cell site lease information.  We found every instance in the database where a carrier was a party to the lease and where lease rate data existed.  We took the average lease rate for each of the larger carriers across all leases. Here’s what we found they pay relative to one another: [Read more…]

Cell Tower Industry Partially Responsible for Difficulty Zoning Towers

One Disclaimer: This following commentary is my opinion and, since Steel in the Air is my company, it’s Steel in the Air’s opinion too.

I have read articles regarding the need for legislation on the federal level calling for increased federal power to override local land use law for cell tower placement. While I fully agree that some municipal planning boards/city councils deny almost every cell site that comes before them- I don’t believe that increased federal guidance is the answer, nor do I believe that the FCC should usurp the ability of local government to guide the time place and manner in which towers/cell sites are allowed. [Read more…]

Cell Tower Info – First Post

Welcome to the first post on the Steel in the Air – Cell Tower Info blog.  I’m Ken Schmidt, the Founder. 

First off, let me start by telling you that if you are looking for news clippings about cell towers, Steel in the Air provides a newsletter that focuses on happenings within the cell tower industry that impact both developers and landowners. The newsletter comes out every Friday and can be subscribed to by emailing me at [Read more…]